Varicose Vein Laser Treatment in Pune | Dr Hemant Chaudhari


Varicose Vein

Dilated tortuous vein visible over leg

Am I at Risk?

  • Standing professions eg shopkeeper, police etc are at high risk
  • Females- commonly after pregnancy
  • Familial

What are Symptoms?

  • Visible dilated tortuous veins over leg
  • Calf pain on prolong standing
  • Black spots/ pigmentation near ankle
  • Ulcer in distal leg/ ankle

What if ignored?

Can led to following complications

  • Bleeding
  • Progression to ulcer stage
  • Blood clots formation

Why to treat?

Once progressed to next stage damage could not be revered

Treatment options-

1.Laser / Venaseal (Glue therapy) – blockage of vein with Laser /Glue , Advantages-Minimally invasive, less pain, no cuts, faster recovery

2.Sclerotherapy- blockage of dilated veins by injecting special chemical

3.Stockings- special compression garments used to halt varicose vein progression