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Peripheral Vascular Disease (Gangrene/ long-standing nonhealing foot wound) -

  • Gangrene is blackening of toes/foot/leg/hand due to decreased blood flow because of old blocks in blood vessels. Dr. Hemant Chaudhri is provide one of the best Gangrene Treatment in Pune.
  • Any wound or gangrene requires adequate blood flow for healing. So, just cleaning of wound or cutting gangrenous part will not be sufficient and would rather result in bigger wound/ spreading of gangrene and ultimately loss of limb (Cutting off the limb), unless blood flow is improved.

Risk Factors

Diabetic Age > 45 years

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac patients
  • Smoking


  • Gangrene/blackening of toes/fingers/foot/hand Nonhealing foot ulcers

  • Rest Pain-Severe pain in toes/foot disturbing sleep Pain in leg, thigh, and buttock on walking

  Dr. Hemant Chaudhri is provide one of the best Gangrene Treatment in Pune.


Vascular surgeon being leg/hand saving surgeon, offers two modalities of treatment to increase blood supply to wound/ gangrenous limb viz. Dr. Hemant Chaudhri is provide one of the best Gangrene Treatment in Pune.
1. Angioplasty and stenting -It is advanced endovascular procedure. With single puncture in groin, wire with a balloon is passed through the blood vessel and block is opened by inflating the balloon. Sometimes stent (metal mesh) is deployed at block site. Advantages- no cuts, no pain and patient can walk from next day.
2. Open bypass surgery– Surgical procedure in which arterial blocks are bypassed with vein or artificial tube.