Av Fistula Surgery in Pune | Dr Hemant Chaudhari


AV (Arterio-Venous) Fistula creation for Dialysis patients

It’s surgical procedure done in kidney failure patients requiring hemodialysis so as to allow blood vessel access for dialysis. Under local anesthesia vascular surgeon takes 4-5 cm cut over the skin at wrist/elbow and joins vein with the artery (called as Arterio- Venous/AV fistula). Fistula takes 4-6 week for maturation (development) after which needles for dialysis are inserted in AV fistula vein and dialysis is started. Dr. Hemant Chaudhari is provide one of Best Av Fistula Surgery in Pune.

    -Vascular Surgeon can perform 5 types of AV fistula
1. Radio-cephalic fistula- at wrist
2. Brachiocephalic fistula- at elbow
3. Basillic vein transposition- rotating vein in the arm from inner to outer side and joining it with artery at elbow
4. AV graft- when no veins are suitable in arm, artificial graft (tube) is joined to artery and vein
5. AV Jump graft- when arm veins are not suitable, a graft of thigh vein is taken out and used to create fistula in the hand.

AV (Arterio-Venous) Fistula Salvage for blocked AV FISTULA

AV fistula is a life line for dialysis patients and there are limited sites for AV fistula creation. In blocked (blood clot) AV fistula, patients are left with no option other than dialysis catheter (artificial tube) which is more prone for infection, so all efforts should be taken to save blocked fistula.

In such situation, vascular surgeon can reopen blocked fistula by-

  1. Thrombectomy (blood clot removal)
  2. Angioplasty (opening of block by balloon)
  3. Thrombolysis- Dissolving clot by injecting medicine directly inside blocked fistula

Acute limb ischemia

It is also known as leg/ hand attack. When blood supply to heart gets blocked suddenly, patient develops heart attack and his life is at risk. Similarly when blood supply to leg/ hand gets blocked suddenly, patient develops leg/ hand attack and it poses risk of leg/hand loss. Here comes the role of vascular surgeon as “Limb Saving Surgeon”. He offers following modalities of treatment
1. Thrombectomy- Vascular surgeon takes small cut at groin/ elbow and removed blood clot (Thrombectomy) with the help of special balloon tube.
2. Catheter Directed Thrombolysis (CDT) – In this Vascular surgeon takes needle puncture in groin artery and passes tube in blood clot and deliver clot dissolving medicine in it.